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Meranda in a leopard bikini
Leopard bikini Meranda
Meranda leopard

Hi! My name is Meranda and I am a 30-something beauty blogger who loves delicious homemade meals, an eclectic range of music, hair flowers, vibrant bikinis and being a mommy to my Jack Russel mix rescue puppy Lilah! 


I was born with a genetic condition that dominated my life until two years ago when I joined a clinical trial for a life saving medication that is now approved for children and adults with my condition. For the first time in my life I am able to feel like a woman, not just a woman with a genetic condition. Instead of spending my free time devouring medical research I am able to turn my attention to my lifelong passion of beauty and share this with the world! I have learned incredible makeup tips throughout life, had to figure out how to manage adult acne that’s caused by my lifesaving medication, and how to cook delicious meals! My goal is to share all of this with all my fellow beauty enthusiasts, makeup fans, acne sufferers, and even chronic illness survivors who need a little escape from a stressful day. 


My passion for beauty started when I was only five years old when I saw my mom’s brown eyes sparkle wearing a cheap eyeshadow over three decades ago. I used to sneak her makeup and was living my best life digging my tiny fingers in her small makeup stash! I only recently confessed to my mom I used to dig my small fingers in her makeup as a child. She wasn’t surprised, but I can imagine her thinking about how many germs I put in her eyeshadows (sorry mom!). 

What you can expect from this blog: I believe in unbiased reviews, honest recommendations and will not recommend products to you that I wouldn’t recommend to my own mom or sister. I review products effectively to help you decide where to spend your money. I want to become one of your trusted resources for all things beauty! 


I enjoy real life wearable makeup looks (single eye shadow looks are my jam), effortless glam, easy makeup application, and making trendy makeup looks practical in real life (there’s a time and place for everything). I prefer makeup that looks beautiful in natural light and believe good skincare is the foundation to any great makeup look. I also know how challenging this can be for those of us who struggle with acne (I feel you!). I hope to inspire you to try new products, take care of your skin, and enjoy exploring the endless possibilities of makeup looks! 


I believe beauty starts within and begins with kindness and compassion. Beauty comes in all colors, sizes, genders, ages and includes those who are disabled, living with chronic illness, or even mental illness. Selma Blair is the epitome of beauty from the inside out. While she is stunningly gorgeous, she is also a beautiful soul who also struggles with chronic illness. She uses her platform to make positive changes in this world by setting a positive example of what it means to be beautiful, especially in the face of disability. There is beauty in diversity and even in the face of adversity. 


Thank you for choosing to spend part of your day with me. 

Much love,

a little bit about meranda
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fun and fancy facts
Meranda in polka dot dress

What is your skin type?

My skin is sensitive, dry and acne prone (thanks hormones!). I have fine lines around my eyes (is there anyone who doesn’t have fine lines around the eyes after 30?). After developing adult acne in my 30s I had to work hard to manage acne and address visible signs of aging. My acne journey is what served as my inspiration to learn more about skincare and start this blog. Now I am sharing my favorite skincare and makeup tips with all of you!


Height:  5'2'' 

Weight: 110 typically, but this fluctuates depending on diet.

Age:  37

What are your summer go-to meals?

I love grilled food (less mess in the kitchen to clean up!). This summer I have been grilling a lot of salmon with vegetable shish kabobs and I’m obsessed with strawberry goat cheese salad! My ultimate favorite food is Mexican food! I make some of the best pineapple mango chicken fajitas and homemade salsa (humble brag)! I am the queen of fruit infused water (dragonfruit is life)! I’ll be sharing my recipes with all of you, so stay tuned!


I was born with a genetic condition, cystic fibrosis, and I have faced great adversity. I understand what it's like to be a woman living with a chronic health condition and wanting to feel beautiful even while sick. Everyone, including those who have chronic illness or disabilities, deserve to feel beautiful in their own skin. 


XS/S in most clothes, size 34’’ in denim

34c to 32D depending on the bra. I wear 34C in Victoria Secret Very Sexy bra (still my go to fave).

What is your  favorite foundation?

I love natural looking foundation that gives a healthy glow! A few of my faves are Milk Makeup Skin Tint (Light and Sand), Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation (Tavarua) IsDin Drops (Sand), and MakeUp Forever Matte Velvet (Y255).

What are you usually listening to? 

I like an eclectic range of music from Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Bob Marley, Bill Withers, Frank Sinatra, Tessa Violet, to Shakira and a little Jazz thrown in! I always enjoy a good remix. 

A little about Lilah!

I’m a four year old Jack Russell Chihuahua mix who was very sick and needed a forever home. Mommy adopted me and now I live a wonderful life with soft blankets, lots of toys and snuggles! My personality is all Jack Russel! I am mommy’s wild child! 

Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russel Terrier
Blue Green foliage
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