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Is Olive & June MerandaXO Approved?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Several months ago I noticed YouTubers were raving about Olive & June nail products. I wasn’t sure if this was all hype or if there was actual merit to the hype. What I did know is that I wanted to find out if the hype was justified for myself!

The ‘’Everything Box’’ is priced at $80 ($109 value!) and you can get an additional 10% off your order simply by subscribing to their email list (which I also did). If you follow Olive & June on Instagram (@Olive&June) you can keep up with new product launches and discount codes to save even more!

I ordered the shades (pictured): GH, TT, BP, KMC, CCT, BI, and SE (SE is the perfect pastel bubble gum pink — my favorite!).

I keep my nails very short, and I don’t like certain nail polish shades on my nails. I prefer light or sheer polish shades for my hands. However, I have an ‘’anything goes’’ attitude about toenail polish! What I appreciate about O&J nail polish shades is that they’re carefully curated and easy to coordinate shades! Today I noticed Olive & June launched a new cool moss green nail polish that speaks to my senses! I’m definitely adding it to my wish list!

Details you need to know:

Polish Quality: Quick drying (a must have for me), easy application (highly recommend dragging the bristles slowly and check out the O&J instructional YouTube videos for max payoff!), you’ll need at three coats to get the full effect of the color (a nonissue for me), long lasting as long as you apply the top coat (I recommend reapplying the top coat once or twice a week after the initial application). You can easily get a solid week out of this nail polish as long as you utilize the top coat! I haven’t applied the polish without the top coat, so I don’t have any data for you on that. Shade Range: O&J shade range includes peaceful soft pastels, vibrant hues that POP, metallic shades (gold and platinum), rich berry shades and goes as dark as a deep black! I haven’t seen a glittery O&J shade yet. But you won’t even notice a glittery shade is missing from the lineup once you see all the color options O&J has to offer! In fact, it’s been nearly four months since I placed my order and I didn’t notice O&J doesn’t have a glitter shade until writing this blog for you! You won’t need a base coat with O&J polish because the base coat is formulated in the polish! I appreciate this!

Shades starting with thumb moving toward pinky: TT, SE, KMC, BI, CCT (CCT is a soft pink sheer that looks more pink in person than in this photo)

Shades pictured starting from pinky moving toward thumb: SE, BP, GH, KMC, BI

Poppy: Consider Poppy (polish bottle handle) your nail polish bestie! Poppy is great for nail polish newbies and anyone with unsteady hands! I am ambidextrous and enjoy using poppy with my nondominant hand! Poppy is soft, light weight, and ergonomically designed with a slight scoop to help you adequately grip your polish. Poppy works with all nail polish (not just O&J polish) making it a staple in anyone’s nail kit. Flat Edge Nail Clippers: I never knew how much flat edge nail clippers made a difference in trimming nails until buying these! These clippers do not leave jagged edges on my nails, and allow for a smooth edged clip every time. I also don’t risk cutting my nails too short because the clippers are flat edge instead of being curved. I have used these clippers on my nine year old niece and it made trimming her nails a breeze! These are the clippers you never knew you needed until you have them in your hands! Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover: This has a very light smell compared to some of the harsher polish removers on the market. I can’t stand a high odor nail polish remover, so this is a win in my book! It comes in a tub with a dark foam like insert (like the old school polish removers most of us remember from years ago!) where you simply pop your finger in, swirl it around and VOILA — nail polish is gone! Easy! Admittedly, I still use my regular nail polish remove to remove my old polish and save this special bottle with the nail polish cleanup brush (next in line for review!). Nail Polish Remover Brush: This is the second item in the O&J kit I didn’t know I needed until I had it in my hands! This brush is similar to a small makeup brush you would use as a lip brush, but designed for nails. It’s small, super cute (everything O&J designs is utterly beautiful) and the bristles are firm enough to grab onto nail polish you accidentally got in places you don’t want it (I have used this brush far more than I care to admit). It’s simplistic yet feels necessary for those of you who paint outside the lines like I do with polish. Nail Buffer: This is a good nail buffer. It does exactly what it’s supposed to, super cute, and doesn’t scratch your cuticles as harshly as some of the cheap nail buffers. I like it! Top Coat: This helps your polish last longer and looking fresh for at least a week! I applied it during my initial application and one to two times per week while wearing O&J polish. This has helped my at home mani and pedi last much longer than it typically does! Cuticle Serum: This stuff is liquid gold for me! I enjoy placing it on my cuticles after finishing my home manicures with O&J! It nourishing, hydrating and makes my cuticles so soft. This feels like a true luxury cuticle serum after clipping, filing and buffing! If you’re looking for a perfect at home mani / pedi experience look no further than Olive & June! They have your necessities covered and this is a perfect addition to anyone’s ‘’Self Care’’ day! To my men who enjoy nail polish, but keep it minimalistic due to work you can find beautiful sheer shades to complement your nails as well! Olive & June is definitely a brand ANYONE can enjoy wearing!

To shop Olive & June visit their website:

Olive & June is officially MerandaXO approved

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