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This is Going to Irritate Some Beauty Content Creators: Why You Shouldn't Trust First Impressions

Have you ever seen a new product launch and there are already a multitude of YouTubers and bloggers who have already reviewed these products? It's because many of them receive PR from brands and get access to products before the public has the ability to purchase new launches. Sometimes this ranges from a few days to a few weeks. There are a few brands who will provide a new launch to a beauty influencer / content creator months in advance, but this is not the industry norm. Providing early access to products before market launch helps the brand with awareness about a product and people, like you, can go to your trusted resources (beauty bloggers, YouTubers and social media influencers / content creators) for reviews on new launches. However, the amount of time some people try a product before reviewing it is not always enough time to draw an appropriate conclusion on certain products and its performance.

Skincare is an area where first impressions do not impress me. It's easy to review the texture and fragrance (or lack thereof) in a skincare product and read the manufacturer claims from a box or website for efficacy and skincare benefits. However, those are the product claims and not all of these claims are back by real life clinical trials. I want to see real life results and reviews as a woman in my late 30's who is seeking out the creme de la creme of skincare! I could go to Sephora or Ulta today and review a skincare product that landed in the store this morning. I could try it out on my YouTube channel for my subscribers or review it here on my blog to drive traffic in from those searching for information on a new product launch. However, I could not reliably attest to the product efficacy and performance in terms of providing real life results. Neither could other beauty content creators who are trying skincare products (if they are making claims for skincare as a first impression you need to keep what I just told you in mind). There are some skincare products that are hydrating to the skin and have potential to provide hydration overnight (hello, PCA Skin Hydrating Serum). But you cannot always determine product efficacy in a short amount of time. Some products make big claims about reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Others claim to reduce hyperpigmentation. As someone who has tried countless products on my skin for an array of skin issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, scars from acne, fine lines and wrinkles I can tell you a lot of products have not lived up to their claims.

It's easy to review most makeup and first impressions are typically reliable. However, I have seen numerous YouTubers and Bloggers return back to products with an updated perspective on the product with the pendulum swinging from going from disliking to enjoying a product or loving to disliking a product after repeated use. Typically these are foundation and concealer reviews. We, beauty content creators, are allowed to change our opinion on a product based upon repeated use and performance. Beauty content creators are doing right by our communities to provide updated perspectives on products. But what about the people who purchased a product based upon a first impression? They are capable of drawing their own conclusions. They may have LOVED the product, disliked it or drawn a neutral conclusion on the product. This leads me to the next important and relevant topic: there are a multitude of factors that may play a role in your experience with a skincare product differing from mine (or anyone else's).

First impressions for most makeup products truly are reliable. I would like to add that this first impression is also based upon personal experience and expectations. This, too, varies from one person to another. Perhaps you do not mind spending $75 on a highly fragranced skincare product that doesn't provide the results I expected (based on product claims) whereas I will be disappointed or that $75 product yielded incredible results for my skin and not yours. I can easily draw a conclusion on a lip, eye, or cheek product. I can easily arrive at an accurate conclusion on a foundation or concealer's wear time, range of coverage or ability to reduce appearance of skin imperfections after several hours of wear. However, what I could not attest to in a first impression is any reaction my skin may encounter from exposure to the ingredients (acne, redness, worsening dryness, blackheads, etc.). I could tell you how foundation looks in artificial or natural light and the wear time in certain conditions. This is another area I need to advise you on. Depending on the environment (weather, humidity and skin type) product performance will vary. A product may work exceptionally well for my dry, acne prone skin with minimal texture and look terrible on someone with oily skin with significant texture. Some of the beauty content creators (bloggers and YouTubers) I follow utilize every tool under the sun to showcase products in the most positive light. However, some will show products and describe their lack of performance, breakdown on a humid day or poor wear time.

Everyone reviewing products review them based upon individual experience and there are no guidelines or rules governing beauty content creators and influencers requiring certain aspects of a product (performance, for example) to be reviewed. This is why it is important to recognize what you're hearing and reading are personal experiences that may be inconsistent with yours. That does not mean you are incorrect in your opinion or that someone else is incorrect. It simply means that your experiences based upon a multitude of variable factors lead you to a differing conclusion / opinion. I am currently outlining a YouTube video about this topic where I will go more in depth about it. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel so that when this video goes live you will have access to it!

Thank you for spending time with me today! Please connect with me on Instagram and YouTube! My links are below for you! Let me know if you would like to see more blog / YouTube content like this! My goal is to write about topics that YOU enjoy!

Warmly, MerandaXO

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