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Samaya Organics Samson Beard & Hair Oil

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Welcome to glossy high shine hair!

Samaya Organics is quickly becoming one of my favorite facial and hair oil lines. This isn’t easy considering how many brands I have tried over the years! I recently did an in depth blog review of the Samaya Organics Heavier and Lighter facial oils. Trying the facial oils led me to the discovery of the Samson Beard and Hair Oil and I have to tell you I am impressed! The Samson Beard and Hair Oil is formulated with unrefined, organic carrier oils that have been proven to nourish and strengthen the hair as well as fight against hair loss. Samson oil contains unrefined, organic seed oils of pumpkin, papaya, blueberry, safflower, and meadowfoam. The small bottle of Samson Oil is $29 for 30mL and 60mL $49. This oil has a thicker consistency, so a little goes a long way! For reference I have (nearly) waist length fine blonde hair. Some oils weigh down blonde hair or cause it to look too greasy due to the weight and consistency of the oil ingredients. I dislike anything that weighs my hair down as it causes my hair to look flat and thin. 

Samson Oil, when applied lightly, does not weigh my hair down like some hair products I’ve tried. A little drop of Samson Oil goes a LONG way! I recommend using a small amount of Samson initially and work it into your hair (or beard). After working Samson into your hair you may find you want more or less depending on your hair length, texture or desired outcome. Something I love is pulling my hair back in a bun and applying this oil to bring a sleek shine to my hair without using any harsh products to give me the glossy sleek bun that I love! I wanted to find out how Samson performs in hair different than mine. The true testament to a hair products versatility is whether or not the product can be used in different hair types effectively. This led me to trying Samson Oil in my niece’s hair (I plan to purchase her a bottle soon!). My niece is nearly 10 years old and mixed with African American as well as Native American Indian. She has textured hair that’s a bit coarse (compared to mine) with tight ringlets that tangle easily. I used Samson Oil on her hair and it was STUNNING in her curls! My niece’s curls held their shape and her frizz was significantly improved (gotta love southern humidity) with Samson Oil! I used slightly more Samson oil in my niece’s hair than I use in mine due to her having a head full long, dry and slightly coarse curls. But it still required much less Samson Oil than I expected to tame her beautiful ringlet curls! My niece’s curls are very tight which makes her hair look much shorter than it is when she wears it down. Samson Oil helped maintain the spring in my niece’s curls making them bouncy and with extra product her curls have enough weight to look slightly loser which my niece prefers! You can certainly add more or less Samson Oil to get the desired look depending on your hair type and texture! Samson Oil is an oil you need to work in with your hands. Don’t expect to apply a large amount smooth it into your hair or beard and walk away. You need to start with a small amount (as I said this is a solid high consistency and potency oil) and use your hands to really work it into the strands of your hair or beard! The more you work with it the better your outcome will be with your hair!

If you or your partner has a beard Samson Oil is definitely the kind of oil you’d want to use! A tiny drop of Samson Oil (start with a pea size for a beard and go from there) worked into a beard will make a big difference in the shine and texture of a beard! I have noticed a lot of men walking around with dried out looking beards and all I can think is ‘’Wow, this guy needs to buy Samson oil.’’ Guys if you’re reading this take note! Samson Oil does not have a fragrance whatsoever. Like other Samaya Organics oils all you smell is the natural organic ingredients used to create the oils. You won’t find fillers in these oils like silicones or water. Samaya Oils are highly concentrated with skin and hair loving organic ingredients which is exactly what you want! I use a mix of clean beauty and beauty products that aren’t deemed ‘’clean” (balance, baby). However, I love using more natural products when I find something efficacious for my skin and hair! I also enjoy supporting small businesses and Samaya Organics owned and formulated by an esthetician with over 15 years experience in the skincare industry (did I mentioned it’s also woman owned? Bonus!). Samson Oil is also fantastic at detangling hair prior to a shower! I had a few tangles in my hair (the ends of my hair need to be cut off but due to ‘’Rona’’ I’m avoiding the hair salon) and I applied Samson Oil to the tangles and was able to easily untangle my hair! Samson Oil is especially fantastic for those of you with children who get knots or tangles in their hair (and throw a fit about combing out the tangles). It will make the untangle process much easier for you and your child! Samson Oil works better than many detangle products I have tried by major brands!

Tip: If you have a boar bristle brush (I love RainCry Beauty brushes) use your boar bristle brush or detangler brush to help evenly distribute Samson Oil in your hair! A boar bristle brush will help glide the oil down the strands of your hair giving a better distribution of the product than using your hands alone! Samaya Organics will give you the glossy hair look whether you wear your hair straight, curly or pulled back in a tight bun! If you’re a fan of glass hair (always on trend) this is going to be a go-to hair oil for you

To purchase Samson Hair & Beard Oil visit: or follow Samaya Organics on Instagram at @SamayaOrganics Samson Beard & Hair Oil is MerandaXo approved!

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