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Samaya Organics Facial Oils

I feel like I found a hidden treasure chest of natural unrefined oils in Samaya Organics! Something I love is that the droppers contain small crystals adding a beautiful personal touch to each bottle! If you’re into crystals this is definitely a bonus for you! The small details mean a lot to me!

Samaya Organics is a small unrefined organic facial oil brand founded by an esthetician who spent over 15 years working in the skincare industry. I discovered Samaya Organics on Instagram after searching for natural skincare, specifically facial oils, to treat my acne prone dry skin. Samaya Organics is sold at medical spas (which are known to carry some of the BEST skincare) and sold by estheticians. However, you can also purchase Samaya Organics Oils directly from or follow @SamayaOrganics on Instagram to send a DM to purchase (which is what I did).

Samaya Organics Lighter Unrefined Oil is a medium consistency facial oil containing organic unrefined seed oils of strawberry, watermelon, kiwi, cucumber and blueberry. This oil absorbs quickly into the skin and has a delicate blueberry scent due to being made with organic blueberry oil. It’s barely noticeable, but once you smell it you will absolutely love it! The Lighter oil is priced at $29 for the 15mL bottle and $49 for the large 30mL bottle. Sometimes when I put the oil in my hand to rub into my skin I like to close my eyes and breathe in through my nose to fully enjoy the scent experience of this oil! I have tried other oils in the past that triggered acne breakouts or had a strong smell so finding the Samaya Organics oils have been like discovering liquid gold for my skin! The Lighter facial oil contains a blend that is high in naturally occurring salicylic acid (say hello to less acne), antioxidants and assists in healing the skin while providing anti-inflammatory benefits (Mother Nature is pretty amazing, right?). When I have tried harsher acne products containing salicylic acid by major skincare lines my skin was left inflamed, dry and irritated. The Samaya Organics Lighter Facial Oil has been so nourishing, healing and kind to my sensitive skin while utilizing naturally occurring salicylic (what is this sorcery?). I use the Lighter oil twice a day. Once my skin absorbs it in the morning I apply my tinted SPF or Is Din Drops followed by SPF and my skin has a radiant healthy glow all day! I reapply my Lighter Oil after cleansing my face during my nightly skincare routine. A few nights a week I mix in the Heavier oil to give my skin an even bigger boost, and the next morning my skin is GLOWING!

Samaya Organics Heavier Oil is a deeply hydrating facial oil without the heaviness you’d expect from such a hydrating oil. The 15mL bottle is $29 and the large 30mL bottle is $49. I like to mix the Heavier oil in a few nights a week with my Lighter oil. The Heavier oil contains organic seed oils from prickly pear, milk thistle, strawberry, apple, kiwi, carrot, broccoli, and blue tansy essential oil. This oil has a beautiful faint fruit aroma with an undertone of blue tansy. The Heavier facial oil was created to boost collagen production, protect against glycation, lighten dark spots (I get dark spots from sun damage and after a blemish has healed), and reduce fine line and wrinkles (my 37 year old skin is grateful for this). Admittedly, I love to open this oil and smell it sometimes (it’s an experience). There’s something about the Samaya oils that truly relax me. I like to massage the Heavier oil down my neck and onto my décolleté to soften my skin while creating a beautiful healthy glow! For years I neglected my neck and décolleté so I am trying to play catch up with the implementation of Samaya Organics oils. Applying the Samaya Organics oils to my neck and chest have certainly improved the softness of my skin. If you’re going to wear a strapless shirt or you want to show off your shoulders or collarbone apply some of the oil to your chest and collarbone before going out! The oil will absorb quickly while leaving behind a beautiful healthy glow on your skin! I never imagined applying a facial oil could be so relaxing, but somehow Samaya Organics helps me destress from a tiring day. It could be due to the light natural scent, the consistency of the oils or because I know how much these oils improve my skin. It’s a true skincare experience to massage these oils into my skin. I will always have these oils in my skincare rotation! If you’re on the fence about trying the Samaya Organics Facial oils you can purchase mini sizes of both facial oils on the website for just $20. This is a fantastic way to try the oils without investing in the large size upfront or you can purchase the mini sizes as your travel bottles (simply refill with the larger sizes as needed). However, based on my personal experience the mini sizes might be your gateway to facial oil Heaven with Samaya Organics! I am going to share my review on the Samaya Organics Samson Beard and Hair Oil soon! You will definitely want to read my review if you’re in the market for a hair or beard oil! It’s so good that it has taken center stage in my hair oil collection!

To purchase Samaya Organics visit: Samaya Organics Unrefined Facial Oils are officially MerandaXO approved!

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