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Lip Gloss with Beautiful Ingredients

Summer is nearing an end although you would not know it due to the blistering hot weather here! Regardless of temperatures I strive to keep my lips well nourished and hydrated utilizing various products I pull from my collection. I love having kissably soft kisses (even if I'm not getting kisses). There are a few brands I have been using for years and one of those brands is Mizzi Cosmetics. I found Mizzi Cosmetics years ago from a medical spa that carries a limited selection of Mizzi products. The first Mizzi Lip Luxe I purchased was ''Honey Kiss'' and it blew me away! It smells of a subtle natural honey scent and has a soft shimmer that kept my lips hydrated ALL day! I try to remember to put on a hydrating balm before bed, but I don't always do this. What I love about Mizzi Cosmetics Lip Luxe and glosses is that I can put them on as soon as I wake up and they quickly hydrate my lips.

Mizzi Cosmetics launched Lip Gloss a while back and I have been trying various lip gloss products from them every since! The Mizzi Lip Luxe products come in a small round pot whereas the Mizzi lip glosses come in a squeeze tube (pictured) and the formulation is incredibly soft as it's squeezed out. Let me be the first to tell you a little goes a LONG way with the Mizzi Lip Gloss! The hole the lip gloss squeezes out of is generous and if you squeeze too firmly on the tube while it's full you will likely squeeze more gloss out than you need. The lip gloss I am using in this photo is the Mizzi Lip Luxe Honey Fig (one of my FAVORITE scents) from the Girlfriend Trio. I used Mizzi Cosmetics Lip Crayon in Shaelyn with a small amount of Grace as the base and topped it with the Honey Fig Lip Luxe.

When Mizzi Cosmetics reached out to me to partner on the Girlfriend Trio I was elated! I have been purchasing from Mizzi Cosmetics for YEARS and their products are sold at two of my friend's medical spas! I always said I hope to partner with beauty brands I love so my answer was an easy YES! My entire family (all girls - my dad is outnumbered) uses Mizzi products. Side note: my rescue dog stole one of my Mizzi Lip Gloss tubes and ate part of the gloss before I found her with it (she can be mischievous at times). I didn't worry about the ingredients making her sick due to Mizzi's ingredients and she was entirely fine. I did learn a valuable lesson that day. Lilah will steal lip gloss and run with it. Haha!

If you would like to use my affiliate code Meranda15 or links to save 15% off your entire purchase from Mizzi Cosmetics you are welcome to do so. If you prefer not to use my affiliate code that is okay too. I simply want to share products I love and use with my fellow beauty lovers! Lastly, Mizzi Cosmetics carries a range of body products, lip products and has won awards from multiple media sources! Another fun fact is that Kylie Jenner and her famous pouty lips featured Mizzi Cosmetics in a ''Inside My Travel Bag'' interview where Kylie shared her travel bag essentials. Which Mizzi Cosmetics product did Kylie rave about? It was the Honey Kiss Lip Luxe that was the first Mizzi product that turned me into a repeat purchaser! It's really THAT good!

Thank you for spending time with me today! Make sure you connect with me on Instagram and say hello. :-)


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