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Artist Couture Highlighter: ''Haute Damn" (The name is on point for this highlighter)

The Artist Couture Highlighter in Hot Damn is my first purchase from Artist Couture and it surpassed my expectations! Artist Couture was founded by Angel Merino. If you don't know who he is Angel is a famous celebrity makeup artist and beauty influencer. Artist Couture has a unique vibe all about being a #Glowgetter so if you're looking for that J. Lo Glow or you want to tone it down a few notches for a more subtle but glistening glow the highlighter in Hot Damn might be what you're looking for! The photo above photo was taken in natural light on a beautiful sunny Spring morning. I did not edit the colors or tones. I'd like to take a moment to fully appreciate the beauty of the Artist Couture Highlighter in Haute Damn (seriously, it's a stunner!). I purchased this highlighter several months ago and it's still in rotation on my makeup vanity! The color is absolutely beautiful with a description of being a ''pearlescent champagne gold'' which is spot on! I was recently on Sephora's website and excited to share this highlighter and other shades are on sale for just $19! Talk about a steal considering the color and quality of this highlighter! The packaging? It's sleek, dark, moody, beautiful and elegant. It's very luxe looking and up there with some of the more expensive brands on the market in my opinion.

If you're like me and waiting on the Sephora VIB sale to snag products on your wish list or repurchase items for an additional 10-20% off you should hit ''add to cart'' on this highlighter before they sell out! Seriously! No, this isn't a sponsored post (I wish) and no I did not receive this in PR (Artist Couture if you ever see this I would love to review more products) I purchased this highlighter with my own money. If you apply this with a light hand or fan brush you'll get a soft ethereal glow in the areas you place it. However, if you're looking for a more noticeable GLOW like J. Lo simply apply this with a dense brush or layer it. If you're looking for that VA VA VOOM highlight you can apply this wet for a blinding highlight! Are you wearing tank tops or strapless dresses this Spring? I have a great tip for you and you're going to love it!

Take the Artist Couture Highlighter in Haute Damn and use a dense brush (highly recommend a kabuki brush or large buffing brush) and sweep this highlighter across your shoulders, collarbone and décolleté to make your body look like it's naturally sun kissed with beautiful shimmer! For added drama moisturize your skin with your favorite lotion and before it totally dries on your skin sweep Haute Damn over the areas you want extra shine! Your skin will look like it's GLOWING and will help conceal discoloration you have on your décolleté through reflecting light (I grew up playing outdoors in the sun without SPF and have freckling caused by lots of sun exposure!). Below is a video swatch (lightly swatched) in natural light for you to get an idea of how it looks in natural light when applied with a light hand! I also have swatches on my Instagram (along with lots of real time updated swatches of makeup to share with you)!

The Artist Couture Highlighter in Haute Damn is truly beautiful! It's everything you could want in a pearlescent gold highlighter. It doesn't pull too yellow (which is a problem for some highlighters) and it doesn't pull too warm. It's versatile and wearable regardless of your age (I could see a 20 year old to a 60 year old enjoying this formulation!). One more tip (I should've added this above, but got side tracked. You should always read my full blog reviews because sometimes there's hidden nuggets of info toward the end. Wink, wink!) This highlighter is gorgeous as an eyeshadow too! It doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes, so that's a major win for the product being a multitasker! Try it as an eyeshadow and blend it with other shades or use it as a POP of gold in the center of your lower eyelid for some MEOW factor! If you have green, blue or brown eyes you'll easily be able to implement this highlighter into an eyeshadow look! In fact, you'll find a very cohesive makeup look by using the same product as your face & body highlighter and a pop of champagne gold on your eyes! Try it out and let me know how it turned out for you! I love it when people read my blog and tell me they loved the product I reviewed or a tip I suggested! I'm still recovering from surgery (hello to five incisions in my abdomen) so I am really enjoying hearing from you all here and on Instagram! It really makes my heart smile! Thank you to everyone who has taken time out of your day to message me! You're the real MVPs! XO, Meranda

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