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Chantecaille Real Bronze: Goa & Sirena Comparison / Swatches

Several months ago I wrote a blog post featuring a few of my Chantecaille products which included the Real Bronze bronzers. Click here to read my last blog post on a few of my Chantecaille products. I was struggling to decide which shade to purchase from Chantecaille and I poured through blog swatches and YouTube videos trying to make a final decision. Ultimately I decided to purchase Goa, and a few months later Sirena was added to my collection! As soon as I placed Goa and Sirena side by side it was apparent to me that the shades were quite different. While both unique shades of bronzer they compliment each other well!

I must admit the Chantecaille Real Bronze bronzer is one of the most expensive bronzers in my makeup collection. There was a time in my life when spending anything more than $20 on a bronzer seemed absurd. Clearly times have changed as I now convince myself I need ''one more'' bronzer, eyeshadow palette, liquid lip, etc. I can come up with nearly an excuse to buy a new makeup product (please tell me you do too). If you're here asking yourself if paying $78 on a single bronzer is worth it or not (I debated that myself as I admired these bronzers from afar for months) the answer is yes. However, if you can snag these bronzers with a discount code definitely do that instead of paying full price (your wallet will thank you later). I am all about saving money when possible on beauty products! I would LOVE to someday have a discount code for Chantecaille to share with you all (a woman can dream, right?). If you're a beauty collector like me (okay, beauty junkie is more accurate) any discount code to save money usually results in purchasing more makeup rather than walking away with a couple products and calling it a day. You only live once, right? In 2021 we're shopping online more than ever relying on beauty blogs (so happy to have you here - don't forget to subscribe here!) and YouTubers to decide on purchasing a product. I have always relied on blogs for swatches knowing the colors we see on YouTubers can vary depending on their lighting and video editing. This is one of the many reasons I try to take photos of swatches in natural sunlight as it's the most accurate true to life color you're going to get. While this isn't essential for eyeshadows (colors can vary and shift - sometimes more beautiful in person than photos) it is important to rely on natural light when selecting a shade of foundation, concealer or bronzer. When I purchased my Chantecaille Real Bronze in Goa I struggled to find shade comparisons between Goa and Sirena. I felt like I fell somewhere in the middle, but since it was Summer I decided to purchase Goa first. Goa is the deeper shade of the two bronzers with a cocoa undertone. It's best suited to those with medium skin tones. I would not recommend Goa or Sirena for anyone with deep skin tones (deep to dark melanin) as a bronzer. I say this because I swatched Goa on my niece's arm to see how it looked on her deep brown skin tone. Goa only appeared on her arm as a sheen with a shift of cocoa undertones. Definitely not something she could ever use as a bronzer. You'll see why I say this in the paw print swatches I took below.

Top swatch: Goa / Bottom swatch: Sirena

(Chill bumps included thanks to 50 degree temperature and strong wind)

You can see here the Goa bronzer (top) is a bit deeper than Sirena (bottom). Goa has more of a cocoa undertone and Sirena has a golden undertone. I use Sirena during winter and Goa (sometimes mixed with Sirena) during warm months when I'm sun kissed. What I absolutely love about both of these shades is wearing them as eyeshadow (zero eye irritation!). Chantecaille's makeup artist Ramiro suggested I use the Real Bronze Goa as an eyeshadow and it made the green in my eyes pop! These shades will also look truly beautiful on brown or blue eyes (especially if you love a good bronze eye look). The formulation of this bronzer is unique. It's stiff in the pan with a little bounce yet buttery soft once it's on your finger. It's super light weight so you won't notice it on your skin throughout the day. I enjoy using this bronzer over my tinted SPF during warm months! You can build it up for a deeper pigment payoff or gently sweep it over your cheeks and forehead for a natural sun kissed look! The soft glow that Chantecaille's Real Bronze imparts on the skin looks absolutely beautiful in natural light. I always consider natural light when wearing makeup. Most of us aren't in studio lights like we see on television or YouTube. We're women and men who want to look soft, natural and feel beautiful in natural light. I don't know about you but if I go into natural light and my makeup looks thick or caky I want to run inside and wash it off! The only exception to this is if I am attending an event with harsh lighting, photography or going out for the evening (which hasn't happened in a long time due to being in a pandemic). There's a time and place for every level of glam. Most of my glam is for an average day in 2021 where I see the same humans I've known most of my life. Do I ever feel tempted to put on a full face of glam just to stare out the window waiting for the oven timer to go off letting me know that my pizza is ready? Sure. Anything goes in 2021 - eating pizza in full glam doesn't seem like a bad idea. Full glam and pizza FaceTime girls night anyone? ;-)

If you very fair to light medium skin I recommend Sirena or using a very light hand with Goa. If your skin tone is medium to medium dark I recommend Goa. If you're like me (makeup junkie) or a collector of beautiful makeup you can't go wrong with buying both and mixing the shades to create your custom shade match if it's in your budget. Regardless, you will enjoy the formulation of the Chantecaille Goa and Sirena bronzers. It's truly unique and unlike any other texture I've found! Chantecaille is a very consistent brand. When you purchase Chantecaille you become accustomed to their unique formulations and packaging. I can pick out a Chantecaille formulation by texture alone at this point. While we all appreciate beautiful packaging the true test of quality is always in the formulation. Formulation quality is what determines a person repurchasing a product or not. There are some products I would never repurchase and other that I have repurchased (even buying back ups unnecessarily) multiple times. The Chantecaille bronzer is one that I see being in y collection for quite some time!

If you have any questions about the Chantecaille Real Bronze bronzers feel free to reach out to me! I would love to help you decide which shade may be right for your skin tone by providing you with more swatches or advice! I highly recommend checking out various online retailers who sell Chantecaille so that you can snag either of these shades when there's a discount code! Unfortunately at the time of this blog post I did not find a discount code or sale on Chantecaille. But that could change! Make sure you follow me on Instagram as I post discount codes / sales on beauty products that I personally use and love!

Lastly, I am considering joining YouTube after toying with the idea of it for the last year. When I make the official splash I hope you will join me there as well!

Kisses and Kindness,


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I'm leaving you with a short video in natural sunlight of Chantecaille Real Bronze Sirena and Goa swatches for your consideration!

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